McKissick triumphs over Wood in S.C. party chair contest


A pro-Trump so-called “chaos” candidate has failed in his bid to lead the South Carolina Republican Party.

Lin Wood, a vocal conspiracy theorist who publicly claims former President Donald Trump won the November presidential election, was beaten Saturday by the incumbent state party chairman, Drew McKissick.

McKissick prevailed in a coronavirus-distanced delegate count, 582-239, over Wood, who was endorsed by Trump and moved to the state from Georgia this year, with McKissick’s strong internal party support holding in the face of the outsider’s challenge.

Delegates cast votes on hand-marked paper ballots in satellite meetings around the state whose results were transmitted to party headquarters.

Wood, a high-profile defamation lawyer, had sought to portray McKissick as an establishment moderate in the wake of Trump’s defeat in November to then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, writing in a social media post Thursday: “Unlike McKissick, President Trump has never conceded the election. Neither have I. … I plan to keep fighting to expose the TRUTH: Donald J. Trump won a landslide election and is our President. I pray the SCGOP delegates will choose wisely.”

McKissick, in turn, takes pains to point out that Biden won the Electoral College without conceding the election was fully legitimate.

McKissick canceled the state party primary in 2020, allowing Trump to take the state’s delegates unopposed.

South Carolina holds outsized importance on the primary calendar, as it’s traditionally the first such contest held in the South.

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