'Americans have seen enough': Joy Behar says Biden 'should stay away' from future debates


The View’s Joy Behar said that Joe Biden should not participate in any more debates with President Trump after the first chaotic matchup between the two this week.

“I don’t think he should do it. I think he should stay away. Joe Biden has nothing to gain from this. It’s a fiasco,” Behar said on Thursday during the show. “It gives Trump a platform to lie, to give dog whistles to his base, to sort of instruct them to be violent in this very sort of semi-, semi-subtle way.”

The debate itself was littered with interruptions and the two candidates talking over each other as moderator Chris Wallace struggled to maintain control over the fiasco. The debate was so widely panned for its chaotic nature that the Commission on Presidential Debates announced Wednesday that it plans to add additional rules for the next two debates between the two candidates. Among the ideas reportedly being considered is the ability for the moderators to cut off the microphones.

The Biden team has already made clear that the candidate intends to participate in the remaining two matchups, with deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield telling reporters, “Joe Biden’s going to show up. He’s going to continue showing up to speak to the American people.”

Behar also took umbrage at Trump’s hurling attacks about Biden’s son Hunter and his controversial business dealings in foreign countries.

“Biden is too much of a gentleman to be talking on the same stage with this Neanderthal. Look at what happened the other night when Trump attacked his son, Biden’s son,” she said.

“Biden could have gone after him and talked about ‘Ivanka the consultant,’ but he did not do that because he is a gentleman,” Behar said in reference to the New York Times tax report that indicated Ivanka Trump was paid nearly $750,000 in consulting fees. “Americans have seen enough; we don’t need to see any more. If you are still undecided out there, you need to see a shrink.”

The View host also used her platform to slam Wallace. She appeared to reference a Wednesday post-debate interview with Wallace in which the Fox News host conceded he was slow to realize that Trump was going to keep interrupting throughout.

“Chris Wallace said … that he was ‘surprised at the pandemonium caused.’ Really? Are you kidding me? Where has your head been for four years, Chris?” Behar wondered. “I’m sorry, my grandson who is 9 years old could see that this was going to be a mess.”

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