Trump grants 26 pardons, commutes 3 sentences


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Charlotte, NC — On Wednesday, President Trump granted 26 more pardons and commuted 3 sentences of individuals. Some of the pardons are from familiar names, while others may not be.

One familiar name that received a full pardon was Paul Manafort. Manafort was convicted as part of the Mueller investigation on the premise of Russia Collusion. Since that time, it was determined that the accusation of a collusion was a complete hoax.

Roger Stone was also pardoned by President Trump. Stone previously had his sentence commuted, but now President Trump issued a full pardon. Many others received pardons as well.

James Kassouf, Mary McCarty, Christopher Wade, and Christopher II X were granted full pardons. So were Cesar Lozada, Joseph Martin Stephens, Andrew Barron Wordon,  and Robert Coughlin.

Trump also granted full pardons to John Boultbee and Peter Atkinson, former executives of Hollister International that were convicted of mail fraud. Joseph Occhipinti, Rebekah Charleston, Rickey Kanter, Topeka Sam, James Batmasian, and William J. Plemons, Jr were also pardoned. A posthumous pardon was granted to Russell Plaisance, who was convicted of conspiracy to import cocaine in 1987.

Mark Siljander, former Republican Congressman from Michigan, was also granted a full pardon. Siljander was convicted of obstruction of justice and failing to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Trump also granted pardons to Stephanie Mohr, Gary Brugman, John Tate, Jesse Benton, Charles Kushner, and Margaret Hunter. Charles Kushner is Jared Kushner’s father.

Trump also commuted the sentences of Mark Shapiro, Irving Stitsky, and Daniela Gozes-Wagner.

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