The mainstream media is up to something big ahead of the election


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Charlotte, NC — Now that we are just four days away from election day, the mainstream media is about to take things to a new level. It’s no secret that they have been protecting and serving at the will of Joe Biden since he became the presumptive nominee. As many have said, the mainstream media is essentially running Biden’s campaign for him.

They have inflated the polling data, which the campaign said was not true. They know that Biden is not ahead by double digits. It’s just more of the mainstream media forcing a narrative.

They have ignored the mental decline of Joe Biden, as he continues to make mistake after mistake in his appearances. They have ignored the Hunter Biden e-mails and the obvious corruption that took place when Joe Biden was the Vice President.

While all of this is bad, trust me, over the weekend, it will get worse. I expect it to get much worse as we see the mainstream media operating on two different fronts. One is in an all-out mission to protect Joe Biden. The other is in an absolute panic.

The media outlets will continue to go after Trump, and anyone in his administration, trying to tie them to some sort of corruption. Take, for example, this NBC News article, where the outlet talks about potential corruption with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. They want to talk about e-mails and corruption, but they continue to ignore the Hunter Biden situation.

Or you can take this recent article from Reuters, where they felt the need to fact check the attendance at a Biden rally. While President Trump is having thousands of people come to his events, Biden needed a fact check to prove he could get 100 people to attend one of his.

The Democrats are simply not excited about their candidate. Perhaps it’s the dementia, or perhaps it is the socialism. Either way, Democrats realize their candidate is flawed, and the mainstream media is starting to worry.

No doubt, they thought that the American people would buy into the fake Russia story again. It’s the same set of lies that Americans have heard for three years. Each time, the mainstream media fails to produce any evidence.

I am sure they were convinced that they could push the coronavirus pandemic, obtaining buy-in from independents and moderates that would drive Trump backward. Each time they make an attack, Trump responds, and the polls and the excitement among Republicans is showing.

It certainly has to be concerning for the mainstream media that this is happening. It has to be even more concerning that people are fleeing the Democratic party and voting for Donald Trump.

In Flint, Michigan, a life-long Democratic city council member made the announcement he intended to support President Trump. In the city that Democrats made a big deal out of, from a life-long Democrat, Trump gets a nod of approval. If you simply listened to the mainstream media, you would think everyone is running away from being a Republican.

There is just one major problem with all of this. The story has remained the same for several weeks for the mainstream media. They have not had a big story to dominate the headlines like the Hunter Biden story. The left has not been able to make a big dent in the momentum that President Trump has been building.

That’s why this weekend is so important. If you think that the mainstream media does not have something planned, think again. Rumors have been swirling that various outlets have a story they are sitting on and are just ready to release it. The question is, what will it be?

Another story about the coronavirus will not affect this election. Americans have been dealing with that for months. Recent economic releases show President Trump has not only managed the economic crisis well but also the pandemic as a whole. We were told millions would die by this point, but it never happened.

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Americans will also not deal with another Russian hoax story again from the left. I think they have used that story far too long. They have already tried the Trump tax releases, but that did not catch on. They have even gone after Trump’s family and property, but they had little success there also.

So what will the story be? It has to be something so horrible and sickening that they believe it would turn the votes of independents and moderates back to Biden. It has to be so bad that it would cast a huge shadow over Trump to alter the election.

At this point, I’m not sure that there’s any story that the mainstream media could run that would hurt President Trump. This does not mean that they will not try, but I think that we have heard everything before.

We have heard he is a horrible person out to kill Americans. We have heard that he is corrupt working with foreign governments. We have heard that he evades taxes and is a horrible businessman. Yet in each instance, they fail to produce evidence, or Trump has something that proves them wrong.

Say that he is corrupt, and there’s more information that comes out about Hunter Biden and Joe’s actions in China. Say that he evades taxes and is a horrible businessman, and he’ll release a new peace deal in the Middle East and find millions more Biden took from Chinese intelligence officials. If they say he hates the LGBTQ community, blacks, women, or anything else, it’s simply just another line of a story we have all heard before.

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Brace yourself because there will be a story drop over the weekend or on Monday that will dominate the headlines. Without a doubt, the mainstream media has a plan that has been coordinated with the Biden campaign. Just like before, I expect President Trump to come through it without any issues once again.

The Mainstream Media Is Up To Something Big

This weekend is going to be filled with mainstream media attacks and deception as American’s continue to go out to their polling place and vote for the next leader of our country. On Thursday, there were two great examples of what you can expect from two big media outlets.

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