The HIPPA Hypocrisy of Today’s Liberal


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Charlotte, NC — As many states are lifting statewide mask mandates, the same can’t be said for liberal-controlled locales, businesses, and institutions of higher education, who are hanging on and doubling down on COVID-19 restrictive measures.

When the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 first started to spread, virtually nobody was immune. The Center for Disease Control and the “face of fanaticism,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, touted herd immunity and how “they” would achieve this feat with a mass vaccination effort in America. Both Fauci and the CDC threw around vaccination percentages of 80-90% before restrictions would be lifted, and Americans could return to a sense of “normalcy.”

As of May 18, the CDC COVID Data Tracker measured that only 37.3% of Americans are fully vaccinated, with the most significant percentage of vaccines administered to Americans over 65. So much for herd immunity – right?

It is almost laughable but mostly disturbing that during the last year of Trump’s presidency, liberal Democrats in America locked down our nation, keeping businesses and churches closed and kids out of school. From teacher’s unions to progressive talking points by today’s liberal pundits, America could not move forward unless more than a majority of our citizens trusted “the science” of Fauci and the same Democrats. Some stated they would not take a vaccine led by the Trump Administration, including Vice President Kamala Harris.

But now, for today’s liberals, they are attempting to win in overtime in a game from the 40-yard line. This hail mary approach requires them to reverse their traditional stance of American’s medical privacy and a “person’s right to choose.”

What role does a public’s right to know matter?

For generations, liberals have contested the release of confidential and sensitive medical information, including abortion procedures, HIV/AIDS, and gender identity or reassignment. But now, these same Democrats want to forgo those same protections, hide behind the public policy, and mandate that an individual has no right to conceal their COVID-19 vaccination status and go so far as to limit their enrollment in schools and domestic travel.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA) Journal of Ethics reports, various state statutes concerning the release of information of HIV/AIDS infected patients, as it relates to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. As one would suspect, the most strict patient privacy is found in those states with a significantly higher percentage of registered Democrats.

In February 2021, House Democrats passed the Equality Act, a far-reaching measure that has been decades in the making and would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. For some in the medical community, gender and sexual orientation is a matter of medical concern and should not be reported or demanded as a matter of measure from an employer or educational institution.

Oddly enough, one’s decision to choose whether to submit to a vaccine, in the minds of today’s liberals, is far more warranted and necessary when compared to one’s sexual preference or possible gender reassignment.

Yet, liberal-controlled states and institutions (along with their partnered business CEOs) want to discriminate and bar the admission and consideration of individuals who have elected, for whatever reason, their choice to not vaccine themselves of their children.

In December 2020, ahead of Biden’s term as president, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said that employers could legally require workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, with exceptions for those who have a medical or religious accommodation. Some of these companies jumped at the chance to put into place strict mandates and requirements.

According to an ABC News article this month, some 88% of the 1,339 employers surveyed said they planned to require or encourage their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The same survey found that 60% of employers said they would require proof of vaccination from employees.

Many have chosen to make vaccinations mandatory for colleges and universities this fall – including Duke UniversityRutgers University, the University of Notre DameBrown UniversityNortheastern University, Fort Lewis CollegeCornell University, Ithaca CollegeNova Southeastern UniversityRoger Williams University, and St. Edwards University.

Under the Biden Administration, the national economy has been plagued with progressive pacifism and payouts, which has crippled small businesses and major corporations alike that have difficulty competing with the current liberal “Stay-at-Home Wage.”

Now, it appears that Biden and the Democrats are wielding their power in Washington to ensure that despite low-level COVID-19 vaccine participation, they are hell-bent on increasing their vision of herd immunity by any means necessary. That includes trampling on America’s right to privacy and the pursuit of happiness through personal accountability and decision-making.

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