Steve Deace Blasts George W Bush As Worst Two-Term President in History


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Charlotte, NC — In a recent Facebook post, Steve Deace, host of the Steve Deace Show, blasted former President George W. Bush. Deace’s comments came after the former president called the new iteration of the Republican party ‘isolationist’ and ‘protectionist’ in recent comments. Bush made the comments on NBC’s Today show and the comments were made as he promoted his upcoming book release.

Bush was promoting his immigration stance and said, “It’s a beautiful country we have, and yet it’s not beautiful when we condemn and call people names and scare people about immigration.” A lot of people have made comments about the Bush statements, but perhaps none stronger than Deace’s.

Deace shared how it is not isolationist to stop the senseless war in Afghanistan after 20 years. He also shared it was not protectionist to want to stop being “sodomized by the Chi-Coms” in a clear reference to the failed policies of Bush that led to the Obama era and now the policies of the Biden administration. Deace continued by saying, “It’s not “nativist” to believe American heritage is worthy of conserving over indoctrinating wokeism.”

Deace called out the failures of Bush in his continued statements, such as TARP, John Roberts, and the second term that led to Obama. In the end Deace thanked Bush for telling the conservatives of the country how things really work. You can see Deace’s full comments below.

Bush is nothing short of a typical RINO and a moderate at best. While he claims the Republican party has changed for the worst, the truth is that the Trump movement pushed the party in a much more conservative path. It’s clear that the establishment and moderates have no desire or love of true conservative values.

They prefer to get along with their Democrat counterparts, pushing the way toward a big government communist society that we all know will destroy the freedoms that we love. Deace is right, Bush is one of the biggest failures of the Republican party in modern times. Perhaps he should just head back out to his ranch and spend some more time painting.

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