Some world leaders recognize US law more than the Democrats do


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Charlotte, NC — Across the world, a lot of international leaders have yet to congratulate the mainstream media declared, President-elect Joe Biden. Sure, some of the larger allies have spoken with Biden and have congratulated him. There are still a few that have not acknowledged the election results as of yet.

One big one is that of Vladimir Putin of Russia. On Sunday, Putin said that he was not ready to recognize a winner of the US election due to the pending legal cases involving the election. He also said he was ready to work with any US leader.

You are sure to hear the mainstream media take this and run with it as another “example of Russia collusion,” but that’s far fetched. Even in his statement, Putin said US-Russia relations were already ruined and that neither candidate would improve that.

I have also talked about the reluctance of China to acknowledge Biden as President-elect. The communist nation waited almost 1 week after the election, and the acknowledgment was not really as friendly as Biden would have liked.

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In their statement, China said that they respected the choice of the American people. They also did something that Democrats and the mainstream media have yet to do. Recognize that the legal challenges to the US election must be resolved before Biden is officially the winner.

Media outlets and Democrats alike believe they can strong-arm their way into the White House. That’s simply not the case. Each time a case is dismissed as it works its way to the Supreme Court, they continue to pressure Trump to resign.

They continue to run articles, like this one from Reuters, which claims Trump’s chances are a long shot and that continue to try to declare that Biden was the winner. They will continue to make statements like the one below about “frivolous” lawsuits trying to sway public opinion.

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ūüö®BREAKING: Republican Congressman Mike Kelly has filed a new frivolous lawsuit in Pennsylvania seeking to block the state from certifying the election results and having the state legislature choose electors.This is absolutely shameful.

The truth is, international leaders have more respect for US laws and US courts than the Democrats and mainstream media do. The media and Democrats believe that they are above the law. They have believed that for years now.

During the Obama administration, they conducted multiple criminal acts without being checked by Republicans. Anyone remember Fast and Furious? Perhaps now is a great time to remind you how Obama made the IRS a political weapon.

While the mainstream media will continue to assault us with stories trying to pressure Trump to concede, we must allow the court cases to play out. I don’t care which Republicans come out and say that Trump should concede. We should simply add their name to our list of those that could be co-conspirators and continue to watch the court cases.

I have said it many times, Biden may very well win the election if Trump’s lawyers fail to produce evidence in the cases that they are bringing. Time is running out, and they need to present this evidence very soon.

Beyond that, Americans should take note of what the mainstream media and the Democrats are doing. They are completely ignoring the rule of law in the United States. They ignore the court systems and the cases, and they believe the American people are stupid enough to fall for it.

The Left Wants To Deprogram Conservatives

We continue to see the left say one thing and do another. In Michigan, two GOP election officials were told that there would be an audit of election results in order to get them to vote and approve the election results. It was another lie of the left.

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