Man arrested for shooting at gas station after being told to wear mask


A Washington state man allegedly shot at a gas station after being told he needed to wear a mask inside — and his bare face is what helped cops identify him, according to a local report.

The suspect, whose name wasn’t released, went inside the Astro Express Mart in Ellensburg last Sunday without a face covering and apparently left fuming when he was told he needed to wear one, the Daily Record reported.

He allegedly got into the passenger side of a waiting car and, as the vehicle drove away, fired at least three shots at the store .

Ellensburg Police Captain Dan Hansberry said officers were able to ID the alleged drive-by shooter because witnesses described his face.

“Not to sound sarcastic, but he wasn’t wearing a mask,” Hansberry told the local newspaper.

Witnesses also described the vehicle the suspect was in and police were able to obtain a license plate.

Officers arrested the man at his workplace on Tuesday without a struggle. They also found the handgun thought to be used in the crime.

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