Liberalism is a Lie


Liberalism is a lie

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Charlotte, N.C. – Liberalism is a lie. What’s worse, liberals and the anti-conservative establishment of mainstream media have perpetrated the ultimate American deceit. While the Trump campaign is adamantly pursuing legal routes in an attempt to prove unprecedented voter fraud in the 2020 election, the response from the left is, “there’s nothing to see here.”

The Russian collusion party during Trump’s victory in 2016 is attempting to tell the American people that absolutely nothing but legal and legit voting occurred to secure a Biden victory. Despite endless lists of deceased voters casting ballots and mass human error at the hands of “flawed voting software,” Trump and Republicans are to “shut up” and accept Democratic defeat.

The left in this country have institutionalized widespread fear in their attempt to steal elections, defraud the American democratic process, and use a virus with a 95% survival rate as a means to stamp socialism across the United States. Liberals, led by Joe Biden, advertised the 2020 Election as a time for “unity.” However, since the AP has coined Biden the victor, liberal politicians across the United States have doubled-down on their policies to restrict individual liberty, all the while using fear of a national health emergency.

Saturday, genuine, peaceful protestors took the streets of Washington DC to show their support for President Donald Trump in the Million MAGA March. Unlike the left’s ANTIFA and BLM, no reports of MAGA-inspired looting or shooting, and no damage to personal property. However, when darkness fell, the radical-left took to the streets, physically assaulting peaceful protestors and damaging local businesses.

During the summer, conservatives stayed home as ANTIFA and BLM activists took to the streets of America, breaking glass, setting fires, and causing hundreds of millions of dollars to their cities. It wasn’t conservative-backed groups causing damage in retaliation; no, it was the radical and violent left who were, in the words of the liberal mainstream media, peacefully assembling to bring change to our country.

Since Saturday, not one of these liberalists, fake news agencies have reported the crime and destruction in DC – and we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, as during the spring and summer, as buildings burned across America, CNN and MSNBC utterer that “mainly peaceful protestors” took to the streets, and only in slight, isolated incidents was damaged reported even though Minneapolis requested over $500-million in federal aid to rebuild what the left and their angry mobs destroyed.

The left are liars, and those who have believed their foolishness have been left to flee their homes and businesses and fend for themselves. In just eight months in New York City, more than 300,000 have bailed from the Big Apple. COVID-19 fear and crime at the hands of liberal action and inaction have decimated NYC’s downtown areas and others such as Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis.

Our nation’s Democratic-controlled areas are dying and rotting from within – both socially and economically. And yet, the liberally-controlled news and social media outlets are painting a picture that Trump and his followers and policies are to blame. Had the Proud Boys rioted and assaulted BLM protestors over the weekend, pictures would have been plastered across newspapers and tickers.

Under the liberal-leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio, cities such as New York have led to significant crimes rising this year, with the number of murders in the Big Apple hitting 344 by October, surpassing the count for all of 2019. The number of shootings through Nov. 8 is up 94% over 2019. Trump hasn’t had anything to do with the rise of drug use, robberies, and black-on-black crime. 

Career politicians and their backwoods black political policies have stimied the success of African-Americans in this country. As a result, minorities turn to what they know best to survive, taking their frustration out on the innocent using guns and violence. BLM is a lie, even to blacks in this country. They cannot seem to stop killing each other and burning their cities to the ground for one second to advance their agenda peacefully. 

White-guilt is the new washing technique to sweep liberal-social reform across the country. It wasn’t Trump that instigated this fear, no, no, no, it was Obama and his pandered white-supremacy nonsense policies that ignited this made-up flame fortitude. It isn’t whites killing blacks at a record pace; in fact, the opposite. Minorities in this country stand a better chance of being murdered by one of their own – and why? Because crime is opportunistic – you still and kill those who you gather with more often.

After Obama was elected into office, suddenly, everything became a race issue. No, personal accountability went by the wayside – it didn’t matter if you did the work, paid the money, honored yourself – no, if you had any issue at all, it was merely because of the color of your skin. And liberals today are out for blood – the blood of slaves 200 years ago that Americans today had anything to do with.

I am sickened by our society, and I am utterly ashamed of the direction and destruction of our nation by today’s Democrats. For my family and me, we are prepared – we have the food and firearms necessary to face the impending doom of our democracy. Still, unlike the left, it will be our faith and fear and the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that will allow us to overcome the sinful and socialist purge planned for this world.

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Liberalism is a lie

Liberals and their lies are killing Americans. Their well-perpetrated and elaborate plan of deceit has destroyed the country – and now, our nation’s populations are fleeing in mass panic. The 2020 presidential election was advertised by the left to Americans as a time to “unite.”

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