Letters to the Editor — March 19


The Issue: The influx of migrants and at the southern border under the Biden administration.

To refer to the border situation as anything but a crisis is a blatant and unabashed attempt to conceal the monumental quagmire the Biden administration has created (“Crisis,” March 17).

The crisis consists of a multitude of nefarious factors. The dire impact on the vulnerable migrant children is catastrophic and inhumane.

The smugglers and coyotes are operating with impunity. Consequently, our customs and border personnel are being subjected to untenable and precarious working conditions.

Couple that with the recent apprehension of four terror-watchlist individuals, and we are mired in a national crisis of epic proportions.

Denis David

East Rockaway

Only a fool or a liberal Democrat would blame former President Donald Trump for the border crisis.

While progressives may be split on “reuniting” families and ensuring amenities for illegal migrants, it was Trump who strived to tighten the border, reduce the inflow of criminals and terrorists and stop illegal drugs from entering our country across a porous border. He swore to “protect and defend,” and he did.

Politicians must make tough decisions. Thus far, the new administration has made the wrong ones, and our country will pay the price, literally, for years to come.

Mel Young

Boca Raton, Fla.

As stated by columnist Eddie Scarry, the Democrats do not see a crisis at the border (“Dems Never Cared About Border Security,” PostOpinion, March 18).

The influx of refugees serve a very important purpose: They will turn Texas and Arizona into solid blue states.

When enough immigrants settle in Texas and Arizona, the Republicans will never win another national election.

Texas, California, New York, Michigan and Arizona will provide enough electoral votes to all but guarantee wins for Democrats.

Robert Mangi


The truth is, under Trump, the southern border became more secure than at any point in my lifetime.

President Biden immediately halted construction on the border wall. By executive order, he reversed all of the Trump administration’s policies on immigration. Biden sent a clear message that our southern border is open.

It was the Biden administration that caused this crisis. They own it, and no amount of political spin will change the facts.

So why do the Democrats lie about this colossal mess at our southern border? It makes good politics. The Democrats believe the majority of these illegal aliens will become loyal Democratic voters in return.

Michael Hart

Kokomo, Ind.

With homelessness, COVID, opioid addiction, suicides, crime and just about everything out of control right now, we are dropping sensible immigration policies because they came from Trump?

We cannot afford our population now, let alone the influx of people at the border. My daughters’ and grandsons’ futures have been mortgaged for the “COVID” bill. I’m disgusted and embarrassed as a citizen of this country.

Clean up our own back yard first. Only then can we compassionately bring in people from other countries.

Jaime Daniels

Shelton, Conn.

Considering what is taking place on our southern border, are those who voted for Biden already experiencing the remorse?

Biden’s open-border policy is allowing criminals, drugs and even suspected terrorists into the country.

Migrants who have tested positive for COVID-19 are being released into the general population, which may cause another crisis.

Now Biden is trying to shift the blame onto Trump, who had the border under control.

If 80 million people really did vote for this mumbling, bumbling fraud, we really are a nation of fools.

Nicholas Maffei


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