Is the Electoral College and American voting system racist? One professor says it is


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Charlotte, NC — In a recent article, one college professor suggests that Black votes in America are worth less than those of their white counterparts. The suggestions were made by Brandon Hasbrouck in an article that was posted to The Nation. He suggested that Biden only won because of high Black voter turnout, but that the election was far too close.

The problem? Hasbrouck states that the core problem lies within the racist institution that is called the Electoral College. He suggests that the Electoral College was established as a means to protect slave states. He argues that it promotes racist policies against Blacks all across the country.

He continues by stating that Blacks suffer because their vote counts for less. He says that they suffer from substandard education, mass incarceration, abusive policing, and more.

It was not long ago that Democrats were arguing against Joe Biden for being the cause of these issues. They argued that his crime bill caused mass incarceration and that inherent racism across the country caused abusive policing. With the blame now on the Electoral College, it seems there is no institution of our country that the left will not say is racist.

Hasbrouck says that there is only one way to fix the racism in our election process in America. That would be to start handing out vote reparations. In other words, to have votes from Black Americans count twice.

After he just argued that the votes of Black Americans gave Biden the presidency, he then argues that it simply is not enough. They need to eliminate the Electoral College and give Black voters two votes to every white vote.

He says that Black votes do not count the same as white votes. The last time I checked, each vote counted the exact same way. One vote was one vote and is not counted based on the color of your skin.

While Sidney Powell and others have argued that there has been illegal weighting of votes, that is just what this author is arguing for. He wants to establish a voting system where Democrats could never lose.

Perhaps now is a great time to remind Hasbrouck that those areas are all led by Democrats, who claim that they will make the lives of Black Americans better each time they run for office. Each and every time, those same Democrats are the ones that are benefiting.

Democrats have continued to allow the oppression of Black Americans living under their rule. Across the country, Democratic leaders promise the world to Black Americans to earn their vote, never delivering on their empty promises.

The Electoral College is not racist in any way. In fact, it is the one institution that gives a voice to those across our country. Each state has a voice in what matters to that state.

The sheer suggestion of vote reparations is asinine. Hasbrouck argues that it is a form of reparations that everyone can agree on. He suggests that financial reparations are controversial because no one can agree on the level needed to make a meaningful difference. That’s not the case at all.

Financial reparations are controversial because not one single person alive today is suffering at the hands of slavery. Slavery ended well over 100 years ago, and how would you determine the suffering level of someone that never suffered? It’s impossible and completely unneeded.

This “professor” continues the argument for ridiculous reparations that the left would claim are needed to make up for America’s past. Just like inherent racism does not exist in America, a racist Electoral College does not exist in America. The radical pandering needs to stop.

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