Iran ratchets up rhetoric amid reports of Oval Office Meeting


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Charlotte, NC — On Monday, The New York Times reported that President Trump considered military action against Iran. The report came amid allegations that Iran’s nuclear stockpile is many times larger than was allowed in the failed Obama Iran nuclear deal. Apparently, Iran is a fan of The New York Times.

In their response, Iran says that any US military action would be met with a crushing response. This is similar rhetoric as was used in the past when there were threats of military action. They also made similar statements after Trump ordered a strike that led to the death of Qasam Soleimani.

It’s not clear the accuracy of the reports from The New York Times as of yet. It’s also not clear how close Trump was to taking action against Iran. What is evident is the mainstream media is going to hype anything that Trump does in the coming days.

They have continued to heighten negative reporting against Trump as he continues his legal fights in the US elections. Nearly every day, they report negative actions and how their declared President-elect would be different.

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In regards to Iran, the only difference is that Biden would probably pay them as Obama did. The way the Obama administration handled Iran created an unstable region and world as Iran did not have to play by the rules.

Iran did not face accountability for any of their actions. President Trump quickly changed that and took a hardline stance against Iran. Iran is no doubt excited for a potential Biden administration so they can continue their attacks on Israel.

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