Instagram Removes Post Claiming Biden Falling Video Incites Violence


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Washington, DC — In the latest move of big tech bias, Instagram has started to remove videos of President Joe Biden falling on the stairs of Air Force One. One user shared the information where their account had the video removed from their Instagram story. In the post, Instagram says that the video was removed for violence and incitement.

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Instagram is deleting the video of Biden falling for “incitement of violence”

The actual post of the video still remains, so it’s unclear how Instagram would say that the video incites violence, but only on the Instagram story section. Instagram is owned by Facebook, which so far has not made any attempts to remove the video. The video is still available when you search many conservative media sites pages on Facebook.

The accusation of incitement of violence has become the “out” for the radical Left anytime they do not like something. If you share information they do not like or criticize them in any way, it’s incitement of violence. Nothing about this video is inciting or violent.

This is news that the American people deserve to see. They deserve to see that their President is struggling to walk, along with the mental issues that he obviously has. They need to understand just what shape of health the President is in.

This is just the latest move by big tech and mainstream media to continue to protect President Biden. Many media outlets refused to cover Biden falling. If they did mention it, they were quick to push it down their page.

This is the same mainstream media that was quick to publish reports accusing President Trump of failing health when he slowly walked down a ramp. At the time, Joe Biden also made fun of former President Donald Trump for the slow walk, sharing that people should look at how he walks compared to Trump.

According to the White House, Biden was not hurt during the fall. They have since claimed that the wind caused him to fall as he went up the steps. There have been multiple disputes of this claim as the wind did not appear to be strong enough to cause any issues that day.

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