French bandits swipe $430K in wine, hurl Burgundy bottles at cops


These are the grapes of wrath.

A gang of bandits swiped nearly $430,000 in wine from a luxury hotel in France then turned the bottles into weapons — hurling them at cops during a high-speed chase, according to a report Thursday.

The thieves smashed open a wine cellar and snatched the bottles of Burgundy from Relais Château hotel in Beaune at around 5:15 a.m. Tuesday, setting off an alarm, according to The Guardian.

The noise awoke the hotel owner, who saw the crooks fleeing, jumped in his car and trailed their van while calling police for help.

When cops caught up to the culprits, the men began hurling vino at officers as they zoomed down a highway near Lyon, local police told the outlet.

The suspects — including at least three men — then slammed into a road toll barrier and took off running, cops said.

The Burgundy bandits are still at large and cops are hunting for them.

Nobody was hurt during the vino attack, in part, because the wine-tossing crooks missed the car.

The five-star hotel had also been broken into the previous day, with thieves swiping $245,000 worth of wine from the same cellar. In that case, the alarm didn’t go off.

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