For conservatives, giving up is not an option


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Charlotte, NC – It certainly has been a discouraging past week if you are a conservative in the United States. Millions of Americans made the decision to support President Trump in the election. These are hard-working, everyday Americans that have a strong love of freedom and the conservative values we all cherish.

On the other side, we continue to see the role of corruption in our elections. Thousands of dead people voted in the election. Election software has caused issues in multiple states as thousands of votes were improperly assigned or not exported at all.

It is clear what the mainstream media and the Democrats were trying to do. They were obviously trying to steal the election, as they undoubtedly have done many times in the past.

Then, over the weekend, the mainstream media tried to give away the election to Joe Biden. The election is not the mainstream media’s to award. Soon after, deep state Republicans began the call to “unify behind Joe Biden” in a sign of giving up.

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For conservatives, giving up is not an option. While we must be prepared for what the mainstream media and the left are trying to do, we simply cannot let these things go.

We have no reason to let these things go or to try to get along with these left-wing radicals. As I said in previous articles, they do not share American values and ideas anymore. They are completely and fully committed to socialism.

In 2016, they told us that we were all deplorable. For four years, they have said that anyone who supports Trump and his policies are racists, bigots and that we deserve to be removed from society.

They have attacked our faith, no matter what faith that is. All because we believe in the value of life, freedom, and the American dream. They do not like that we believe in individual freedom, as they prefer that we are all dependent on the government for everything.

While the Mitt Romney and George W Bush’s of this world will tell you that we need to give up and give in, we simply cannot do that. Our entire country and its future is at stake. It’s also not the American way.

When I think back to what we face currently, I cannot help but be reminded of our founding fathers and those amazing patriots who fought for our country’s independence. While we are living in different times, there are so many similarities.

As the Declaration of Independence shares many reasons, many of these same reasons are why we cannot give in. The document talks about ridiculous taxation, which is a priority for Joe Biden. He wants to tax us into government dependence.

Another reason was the destruction of property and business. We all know that we have seen plenty of this from the left-wing mobs. The inciting of insurrection was also mentioned. We have seen Democrats incite insurrection in multiple instances over the past four years.

As conservatives, we know the words of the Declaration, and we know the deep meaning behind this and all of our founding documents. Joe Biden refers to it as you know the thing because the importance of these documents is so far removed from the left.

While we must be prepared, there is too much at stake to give up. We cannot simply give in and pretend like nothing happened. These people hate us and despise us, and we must be ready to continue the fight. Giving up is not an option.

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It’s Time For Conservatives To Prepare For The Inevitable

The mainstream media has declared Joe Biden the winner of the election. While that is anything but certain, it should give conservatives a reason to self examine a little bit. Not because we are responsible for the election of Joe Biden.

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