Edited Joe Biden video showing Biden saying wrong state removed


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Charlotte, NC – Over the weekend, a video of Joe Biden ran showing Biden saying the wrong state. After the video went out, it was determined that the video was edited. Many news sites, including ours, ran articles talking about the video. We have taken this article down.

While this video may have been proven as edited, the story remains the same. Joe Biden continues to struggle along the campaign trail. Biden struggles to make coherent statements at nearly every campaign stop.

At the Trump Rally on Sunday night in North Carolina, Trump showed a video that shared many of these gaffes by Biden. There were countless examples of Biden speaking issues shown.

The mental state of Joe Biden continues to be in question. He continues to be proven time and again that he is not capable of being the President. Yet, the mainstream media continues to push him.

The left has attacked Tucker Carlson for suggesting that Biden, if he were to win, will immediately resign. I happen to agree with Tucker that this is the most likely scenario. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is the choice of the progressive movement.

They have secured her place on the party ticket and she will help them advance their cause. The most radical member of Congress is ready to change everything about our country.

So while many will argue that these Biden gaffe’s do not matter, they do. Each time they continue to give the left examples of how they will invoke the 25th Amendment if Biden were to win the election. They already have the commission ready to go.

The Mainstream Media Is Up To Something Big

This weekend is going to be filled with mainstream media attacks and deception as American’s continue to go out to their polling place and vote for the next leader of our country. On Thursday, there were two great examples of what you can expect from two big media outlets.

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