Cuomo celebrated with Emmy for being a failure in leadership


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Albany, NY — On Saturday, it was reported that NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo had won an Emmy for his coronavirus briefings. The Academy awarded him an International Emmy because he “effectively created television shows.” Cuomo has already taped an acceptance speech that will be streamed on Monday.

The Academy goes on to share how Cuomo created plot lines and characters that highlighted success and failures. They praised Cuomo for his work and how he handled the pandemic. Except, it was nothing short of a failure.

Liberal media criticized Cuomo early on, saying that he was slow to respond to the pandemic. He proclaimed that New Yorkers had come through the pandemic and had victoriously emerged on the other side.

While Cuomo wanted to claim his success and victories, even writing a book about how he led through the pandemic, his leadership was a failure, and his success was in his own eyes only.

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Throughout the pandemic, Cuomo hyped the needs in New York. He claimed they needed thousands of ventilators and that they needed them immediately. Then, those ventilators went unused because they were not really needed.

He has ignored the thousands of nursing home deaths that he is personally responsible for. His failed policy and leadership led directly to the deaths of these Americans, which he knew was a significant possibility.

Rather than focusing on his state, Cuomo was spending time in the media circuits. He was taking on interviews with late-night hosts and his brother on CNN. While New Yorkers needed a leader, Cuomo was too busy trying to become a star.

His state was the worst hit with COVID-19. He personally led the entire response, allowing his residents to suffer. Now, The Academy wants to award this with an Emmy? How absolutely insulting to the citizens of New York.

He still would rather play politics than actually address the needs of New Yorkers. Recently, he got into an argument threatening to sue the Trump administration over the COVID-19 vaccine.

He blamed Trump and money for the rush of the vaccine. Not that Trump was trying to act in the best interests of Americans to help save lives. No, he was more interested in playing politics. Yet again, Cuomo shows he has no interest in helping New Yorkers; he only wants to help himself.

Rewarding this man with any type of reward is absolutely appalling. This is about as ridiculous as giving President Trump a Nobel Peace Prize for simply being elected President.

The Academy is being ridiculous with this award and should rescind it immediately. For the thousands of New Yorkers who have lost family due to COVID-19, they deserve better than this insulting act.

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