Cotton: LeBron Incited Violence Against Police in Now-Deleted Tweet


Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Wednesday slammed Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James over his now-deleted “YOU’RE NEXT” tweet in reaction to the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting in Columbus, OH. The tweet was accompanied by an image of the officer involved in the shooting.

Cotton accused James of inciting violence against the officer in the case of what appears to be a police officer saving someone else from being stabbed. He added James “ought to be ashamed of himself” and “ought to apologize” for his tweet.

“What LeBron James did is jump to the conclusion and incite violence against this officer, and he since, I think, recognized what a bad mistake he made by deleting that tweet, but is the NBA really OK with that kind of statement? Is Twitter OK with that kind of statement?” Cotton asked.

“LeBron James consistently shills for the Chinese Communist Party for the sake of making a few bucks in the Chinese market, yet he immediately jumps to the worst kind of conclusions about his fellow citizens who are trying to protect our streets and keep our communities safe,” he continued. “He ought to be ashamed of himself, and he ought to apologize.”

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