China threatens to detain Americans in latest escalation


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Los Angeles, CA — In the latest developments in US relations with China, China has threatened to take Americans into custody. The warning was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

China has asked that charges be dropped against Chinese scientists taken into custody earlier this year. Those “scientists” were charged with visa fraud and for not disclosing their relationship to the Chinese Army.

This would not be the first time that China has detained individuals from foreign countries in retaliation for diplomatic measures. The US issued a warning for citizens in July regarding arbitrary detention. The claims in that warning were immediately disputed by Chinese officials.

The latest news comes as Chinese US relations continue to be tense. China has also come up in recent news related to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sources state that Biden was involved in a scheme with his son Hunter that resulted in Biden and his family profiting millions. The scheme involved a Chinese investment firm that has ties to Chinese intelligence officials. Joe Biden has denied any involvement.

Since his denial, sources have confirmed that the person referenced as “the big guy” in the e-mails related to China are in fact references to Joe Biden. There were references in regards to equity split, where Joe Biden received equity in the relationships that Hunter gained as a result of his father’s position in the US government.

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