Biden’s Policies Will Kill More Than COVID


Biden's Policies Will Kill More Than COVID

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Charlotte, N.C. – If you live in states like Michigan and Oregon or listen to what Associated Press President-Elect Biden is bumbling, you better 86′ your Thanksgiving plans, and while you are at it, Christmas is canceled. Across the nation, Democratic governors are letting loose on their liberalistic mandates and threatening fines and imprisonment for those who violate their new COVID restrictions.

This week, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, instituted a new set of COVID-19 restrictions on her state’s residents. High schools and colleges are fully-remote; all employment duties are required to be offsite. For small businesses such as restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, gyms, and theaters, your business is now, Whitmer-wise, executive order, closed down until December 8. 

In Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown has taken a similar restrictive stance and threatening those businesses and citizens who violate her order with punishments of $1,250 fines or up to 30-days in jail. That’s right, for Democratic governors in America, you will comply, or you will pay dearly. 

In North Carolina, Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, fresh off his recent reelection, is attempting to solidify his socialistic stance on his state’s residents by mandating that all counties now report all COVID-19 data directly to his administration.

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The catch is, Cooper and his commies will use this data to ensure that his science and data require compliance or Cooper will withhold emergency state and COVID-19 relief money to counties that will fail to follow. By his admission, Gov. Cooper put local police chiefs and political leaders on notice. Suppose the data he and his Democrats obtain illustrates that lax enforcement leads to increased county COVID-19 death and infections. In that case, he will use his executive order “authority” to override local leaders and mandate compliance. That’s right, liberal-tyranny is on the way across America, and Democrats are daring to be stopped.

Our nation is on the precipice of collapse, and, under Joe Biden, that is where our country is headed. This week, Biden Coronavirus advisor Dr. Michael Osterholm says a 6-week national shutdown is advised and entirely possible under a Biden administration. 

The Democratic Party in this country is pushing, and will attempt to get, a national shutdown that will close businesses and decimate the lives and financial solvency of American families. You see, folks, liberals in this country desperately want to institutionalize the “European model” here in America. And not just for COVID-19, but across all socialistic spectrums.

By listening to Biden and his fellow Democrats, the European recovery model will kill our national economy. In Spain, the central bank governor warned that a nationwide shutdown would produce an economic contraction of as much as 12.6 percent this year. The European Central Bank’s chief economist cautioned that the 19 countries that share the euro currency might not recover from the disaster until 2022, with those dependent on tourism especially vulnerable.

In the limbo of liberal-lunacy brought on by these unprecedented restrictive orders, everyone is affected: many people will lose their jobs and will refuse to spend. At the same time, businesses will face disruptions in their supply chains. Governments will see tax revenue falling and welfare expenditure increasing, which will bring budget deficits, higher levels of debt, and drive up borrowing costs.

The current national debt here in the U.S. is over $27-trillion and climbing. With increased COVID-19 congressional spending, the national debt will roughly equal the size of the entire American economy by the end of this year, according to the Congressional Budget Office. By the end of 2020, the United States’ debt will amount to 98 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. 

And what is Biden’s approach? Joe Biden called for trillions of dollars in new spending but outlined plans to pay for his proposed government expansions through further tax increases. Biden has since endorsed House Democrats’ Heroes Act, which would authorize $3 trillion in additional coronavirus relief spending. With that, ladies and gentlemen, our national debt would exceed $30-trillion. 

Joe Biden has no thoughts of decreasing the size of government. Like AOC, Biden and the Democrats will do anything to expand the federal footprint, but he will have one big problem achieving this goal. Under Biden, and due to a national shutdown, independent wealth will be obliterated, and businesses, the cash cows for his communistic policies, will be bankrupted.

Americans will be left holding the note, and the Biden-IOUs will mean as worthless as the AOC-printed paper they are written on. Allow me to provide you 10th-grade civics crash course. Government has no money and only operates on the revenues received from taxation. As a southerner, the old saying still goes, you can’t bleed a turnip dry, a feat yet impossible, even for Democrats.

No job means no check; no check means Americans will be left holding a bag of Biden broken promises and busted bank accounts. If Trump is unsuccessful in his legal action against the deceptive Democratic election, we all better hope that Biden’s boys overseas don’t come looking for their money.

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