Biden calls for unity but he is really declaring war


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Washington, DC — Time and again since the mainstream media declared Joe Biden President-elect, he has said he is calling for unity. He has said that he wants to bring both sides back to the table and create an environment where both can get along. Except that’s not what his actions are saying.

As he continues to name progressive after progressive to his cabinet, he continues to show how focused on unity he really is. Many of them have argued for a socialist America, even arguing for the elimination and removal of conservatives.

He named the most radical Senator he could as his running mate. She wants to force mandatory gun buybacks and will openly support a socialist agenda. She did in her presidential campaign after all.

In the past, I have talked about his picks for Homeland Security, the State Department, and the DNI. He has named radical former-Mayor Pete Buttigieg to his administration as well.

His nominee for Energy Secretary is also a Democrat that has promoted division among the country while peddling misinformation online. Jennifer Granholm repeatedly shared tweets about the Russia-collusion hoax, even suggesting there was a tape involved. The same Russia-hoax where there was no evidence.

His nominee for Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, is completely radical, very close to Kamala Harris. He prosecuted pro-life activists who exposed illegal activities of Planned Parenthood. He also says he would not prosecute those who obtained an abortion if Roe v Wade was overturned. He openly supports Medicare for All.

This week, you witnessed the left celebrate as Biden announced Deb Haaland as his choice for the Interior. Haaland is another radical Democrat, but a Native American. The left celebrates her as a historic choice as the first “indigenous person” to hold office.

The real reason they celebrate is that she will continue their push for the Green New Deal amid her new office. She will push for reparations for “indigenous people” and will not oppose anything that the Democrats want to do. That’s just the kind of people the Democrats want.

Several key positions remain to be named by Joe Biden, including Education, Labor, and the Justice Department. Those will most likely be even more controversial. Joe Biden is no moderate.

Joe Biden continues to prove that he is allowing the progressives to do whatever they want. They are in all the key roles and positions. They will push their agenda on Joe Biden, who will go along with it. After all, Obama has even said he is willing to tell Joe what to do from behind the scenes.

This is an official declaration of war from the left. They are committed to destroying our nation, freedom, and ability to have a voice. Joe Biden will not stand in their way.  Republicans in Congress will not stop them either.

The only thing that will stand between our nation and socialism is conservative patriots. They will continue their work with big tech to censor conservatives, eliminating us from society piece by piece until there is nothing left.

Do not think for one second that Biden’s statements about being a transitional President were a mistake. He, just like his predecessor, said exactly what he intended to do. Obama said he was going to fundamentally change our country.

Biden says he will be transitional. He is going to be transitional for sure. He will transition us from a country that has hope, to a country of socialists.

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