Ben Domenech: We Must Resist Resurgence Of Lockdown Lunacy Over COVID Delta Variant


Federalist Publisher and Fox News Contributor Ben Domenech warned Americans on Monday to resist the resurgence of global lockdowns implemented over the Delta variant of the Wuhan coronavirus.

“The Delta variant of COVID has reignited lockdown mania across the world,” Domenech said as guest host of “The Ingraham Angle” Monday night. “And now this shutdown hysteria has reached our shores.”

Los Angeles County health officials reinstated mask recommendations for individuals regardless of vaccination status, despite vaccine efficacy against the new variant, which originated from India.

Epidemiologist Peter McCullough railed the lockdowns as “completely unnecessary.”

“The Delta variant is the mildest one we’ve seen so far, and even though it’ll proportionately take up a greater number of cases — and we expect this in the United States — it has a very low mortality, appears to be the most treatable strain that we’ve seen so far,” McCullough explained. “We’re going to keep patients out of the hospital at a very low risk of mortality.”

Dr. Harvey Risch of the Yale School of Public Health said corporate outlets and government officials are “dramatically” overreacting to the new variant.

“This is a very mild variant, and the cases are going to go up … whereas at the same time the mortality is flat, near zero,” Risch said, “so basically what the reaction to is a flu or a bad cold for most people who get it.”

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