Andrew Cuomo shows cynical arrogance even in lifting his lockdown orders


You’re supposed to feel grateful that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is lifting his 11 p.m. curfew on New York casinos, movie theaters, bowling alleys, billiard halls, gyms and fitness centers as of April 5. But his “mercy” only makes all his continued arbitrary oppressions sting that much harder.

Why end this mandate, but not the one for struggling restaurants and bars? Those curfews, says the governor, “will remain in effect for the time being.”

Why, you ask? Because he said so.

There is no other rhyme or reason to it than that. Basically, it sure seems, the gov just thinks art and exercise are more deserving than is dining or, especially, drinking.

It plainly doesn’t matter that bars and restaurants mean far more to most New Yorkers. Nor that his own numbers, last we checked, tied just 1.43 percent of 46,000 COVID cases to such establishments. The overwhelming majority of known exposures, 73.84 percent, came from private household gatherings.

Nor matter that much of the nation is containing the virus as well as or better than New York by actually following the science, rather than the whims and prejudices of Andrew Cuomo. 

Even when he’s doing the right thing, it’s petty. On Wednesday, he reopened indoor fitness classes in the city, starting March 22 — but only to spite Mayor Bill de Blasio, who’d said Tuesday that the ban would remain. Sorry, sir: Bigfooting the mayor isn’t going to win the same cheap points it used to.

These particular games may not end Cuomo’s career, but they’re part and parcel of the pig-headed, cynical arrogance that has him fighting for his political life.

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