After continued abuse, law enforcement officers leaving cities that refuses to support them


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Charlotte, NC — Over the past few years, we have continued to see the anti-Police movement across the country. Left-wing activists, like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, have declared war on those who serve and protect us each day. Politicians across the country have caved, giving in to their cries to defund the police.

The argument was that as the police presence decreased, so would the lawlessness. Tell that to law enforcement officers that continue to be abused, mistreated, and disrespected in cities like Portland, Oregon.

The city has been at the center of riots over the past year. Recently, Portland has been in the news for the new autonomous zone that has been established around the “Red House.” The area was established around a house where a family was foreclosed on and evicted.

Portland was also the scene of multiple violent protests throughout the summer. The city suffered through more than 100 straight nights of violence. In August, one person was killed in a shooting. Federal law enforcement officers were sent in due to the local leaders failing to act.

The problems did not start in the late summer or early fall. It did not start with the Red House autonomous zone. It all started with a decision by the city in June.

Portland passed a new budget in June, which “defunded” the police $15 million. It eliminated 84 positions and removed the ability of the police force to effectively do their jobs.

Since that time, law enforcement officers have been leaving the city. According to Fox News, officers are leaving the city to take pay cuts and retire at a record pace. The city only has itself to blame.

The city celebrated after passing the cuts, which many said were not enough to the police force. One councilwoman said that this was just the beginning of the cuts. Little did she know what was coming.

The same thing is happening in Minneapolis, where officers are leaving and violent crime is soaring. The city is scrambling to hire officers from other towns as they need help controlling the crime. Yet, they said the crime would go down without the police.

The defund the police movement continues to move forward, with activists pressing for defunding the police. These officers deserve so much better than what they are getting from these radical leaders.

As crime continues to rage, people are going to continue to move elsewhere. Hopefully, this will allow these smaller towns outside cities like Portland and Minneapolis to show the best level of support to these officers.

These men and women in “blue” deserve the support of everyone. Day in and out they sacrifice their lives to protect and serve. I wonder how long it will take cities like Portland and Minneapolis to realize their mistake? It’s probably already too late.

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