A Tale Of Two Protests


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Charlotte, NC — There was a lot of predictable outrage from the media and political left about the storming of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6th. The crowd was excoriated as anarchists, white supremacists, and worst of all, Trump supporters. That isn’t saying a whole lot, though; Trump could resuscitate a choking Kamala Harris with CPR and they’d accuse him of non-consensual relations. 

To be sure, what transpired in Washington, D.C. was an ugly affair; for elected officials (however loathsome we find them) to be evacuated and for a lockdown to delay the counting of Electoral votes (however fraudulent we find them) to occur is almost unfathomable. It was definitely not a showcasing of America’s finest moments. But then again, neither was November 3rd, with its synchronous pause on vote counting in critical swing states, neverending irregularities, and statistical improbabilities. Or, to run with a closer parallel, the absolute chaos that erupted last summer in urban communities. 

Most voices are condemning what happened during the electoral count as yet the latest example of Trump’s outsized, negative influence on an enraged base. They aren’t wrong about his outsized influence over an enraged base. But do we really know what happened yet? And if we do, what does that mean?

For most of the 6th, news reports were decidedly anti-Trump. It was his rally that energized the deplorables, and whose words were a call to action, they said. As day turned to night, however, allegations surfaced that Antifa members had infiltrated the rally. I don’t think this would surprise anyone. Well, except Jerry Nadler. This is still a developing story, and journalism should do what journalism purports to do: Find the truth.

Instead, typical leftwing outlets are already reporting everything as settled news. Any allegations of Antifa being present are false. The Washington Post claimed anything hinting at Antifa was baseless. The media establishment even made sure to let us know that we can’t compare freedom seekers in Hong Kong to freedom seekers in America, despite increasing similarities to the communist regime in China. How can they all be so sure? 

So once again, the media’s immediate reaction is to blame Trump for chaos, which now prevents the process of journalism from determining any actual events, thus continuing the division of this nation. Was it really Trump supporters? On the surface it seems likely enough, but so too does the idea that it was an Antifa infiltration. If I had to bet my house, I would lean towards Antifa, for the simple reason that this is their modus operandi and, congruently, this would be the first time a Trump protest ever morphed into unmitigated lawlessness. I could very well be wrong.

Speculation aside, for purposes of assumption, let’s imagine that what took place was indeed the result of Trump voters. What does that mean? Is there justification in their actions? Perhaps this is what happens when the political left constantly deploys identical tactics and normalizes unruly, deadly protests. Perhaps I sympathize too much with the silent majority of Americans holding onto traditional values and who merely want to be left alone. Perhaps I don’t know enough yet.

Here is what I do know.

Most Americans don’t want Critical Race Theory sewage shoved down their throats, which is pure evil and full of hatred. Every educator in America, most public servants, and likely many corporate employees have had to sit through variations of learning about their white privilege, white fragility, complicity in a white supremacist system, and made to feel white guilt. That alone might deserve a storming of our establishments, which have long heralded this divisive and toxic ideology as pleasantly progressive.

Nor do most Americans want to be told that raising a young boy as a girl is healthy. If an individual is grappling with their identity, they deserve our compassion and support. What absolutely nobody needs is the notion that sex is fluid, gender is a social construct, and heteronormative values are oppressive. The fact is that biological sex is imperative for procreation, which has been the immutable case for hundreds of millions of years. Biological sex matters. Even the trans movement should be thankful that Adam didn’t identify as a woman and undergo reconstructive surgery, because then nobody would be here. That would have been a big bummer for Eve, too. If she rejected post-operative Adam, would she have been the world’s first transphobe? 

Most Americans certainly don’t want to hear about how coronavirus is an existential threat to society when they can’t even keep their businesses open long enough to pay the next mortgage bill. Yep, there is a virus in the world. So what? There might not be a roof over a family’s head tomorrow night thanks to immoral lockdowns from cowardly governors. For that matter, they also don’t want to hear that climate change is an existential threat, either. I’ll personally take my chances with rising sea levels and milder winters as opposed to economic collapse, unmitigated social chaos and rampant violence. The only thing in that case that protects me from warlords is the arsenal I built up in 2020 – and they want to take that away, too!

And, they really don’t want to pay higher taxes so that places like Sudan can rake in $700 million dollars in COVID relief monies that emanated from a document so long that it took ten reams of copy paper. Had I been in charge, my relief bill would have required a single page of paper. It would have said: “You get nothing. Get back to work.” And I would have opened up the economy.

Amazingly, even though people halfway around the world got the equivalent of two dollars from every American (well, $4, because half the country doesn’t pay federal income taxes anyways), I didn’t even receive the full $2,000 stipend (which is to say I didn’t even recoup $2,000 of my own tax dollars). Does this at least make America less racist if we give more to foreign blacks than native whites?

It’s worth repeating again. I understand the anger, frustration, and helplessness felt by the American patriots who allegedly went into the Capitol.

Most Americans want one thing: To be left to their own device. We want to work hard, raise a family, worship our God (or for that matter, worship whatever it is that brings peace and fulfillment to our lives), and enjoy the unique glories of the American experiment of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with minimal government interference. Let’s recall that our government was established to protect those things for us and that it derived its power from we who consented. Does it feel like that to you still? 

It is obvious that many Americans feel as if they have lost their country. I count myself among them. To voice support for our current president is to risk losing a job, loved one, or friend. To express patriotism, love of country, or celebrate this nation is now perceived as a dog whistle for white supremacy. To work hard, save money, and feel cheated when taxes go up is now ridiculed as greed. To believe in America is to condone hatred. Do we sit idly by while our country’s soul and values are stolen from us?

What is equally obvious and dangerously disingenuous on the part of the media is that had this situation been reversed – that is to say, had Black Lives Matter stormed the U.S. Capitol to contest the reelection of Donald Trump – the coverage would have taken on an entirely different tone and direction. It would have been described as some manifestation of hundreds of years of voiceless oppression. The siege would have been justified because silenced black voices were given no choice but to make themselves heard in that manner. Jeffrey Toobin would have come back just to participate in the gigantic media orgy.

We also know this because we watched race riot coverage for months on end. At every step of the way, the truly anarchic crowds were excused for their egregious behavior and given a pass for the complete lawlessness. Riots were renamed peaceful protests. Looting might as well have been called community reparations.

Unsurprisingly, I also know how I would have personally felt. Like so many millions of Americans, I am already exhausted from the riots, looting, and destructiveness. I watched entire city blocks go up in flames, stores get cleaned out, and small business owners lose decades of hard work. Despite the now-vindicated officer shootings of Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake, and I imagine of George Floyd in due time, there has never been an apology for the intentionally misleading news coverage or the fraudulent political pandering. 

While the media and the left are quick to denounce what happened at our nation’s capital, everyone that accepted the riots this past summer but is now condemning the U.S. Capitol breach is a major hypocrite. I am looking at you, legacy media. Looking at you, Democrats. Looking at you, random Facebook reposter. There was complete silence and subservience to the BLM cause this past year. There is no getting around the fact that acceptance of those events demand acceptance of this one. Both share a narrative of oppression and voicelessness. If all truths are relative, why is this one not as equally valid?

Moving forward, it is clear we have reached a tipping point. Conservatives are nicer, play by the rules, and want a better society. I don’t believe this point is even debatable. The political left has always been the arm of anarchy, and often takes advantage of conservatives’ go-along-to-get-along nature to propel its mission. The nice white women that marched for BLM are pristine evidence of that. These white women want goodness in the world, not an upheaval of this magnificent society. But they are too naive and simple to see the difference.

Conservatives need to push back. If the left meets us with violence, there is no recourse but to return to them some of the same. It is neither ideal nor preferable, but it is the only solution. President Trump was utterly eviscerated every nanosecond by some loudmouth bloviator, pompous mouthpiece, or woke hipster. Why should we quietly acquiesce to the left’s destructive agenda and submit to their cultural rules? 

Resistance goes both ways.

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