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FDNY paramedic bitten on face by patient says she’ll keep working

A brave FDNY paramedic, savagely attacked by a crazed teenager who took a bite out of her face, said the bizarre encounter will not...

Take away de Blasio’s emergency COVID powers, too — and reduce his ability to...

Hand it to city Comptroller Scott Stringer for catching out Mayor de Blasio in a bit of rank hypocrisy, by demanding he live up...

Boy with ‘severe trauma’ found dead inside NYC apartment

An apparently serially bludgeoned Manhattan boy was found dead inside a Harlem apartment Saturday, authorities said. The 10-year-old had “severe trauma” throughout his body, with...

Letters to the Editor — March 7, 2021

Blocking chartersIn September 1957, Arkansas Democratic Gov. Orval Faubus used that state’s National Guard to prevent black children from attending the school to which...

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